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Atticus Krum was born into a very loving family. However, he would face many difficulties as a child. His father would die in prison while his mother would be forced to take her son and flee their homeland. Eventually, Atticus would be orphaned by age 8.  It was a childhood that was anything but normal.



Nevertheless, it wasn’t until he turned 13 that Atticus began to realize just how abnormal the rest of his life would be, for that was when he realized he could do something that few others in this world could do. Atticus could fabulate.

Now to most, the ability to sense the presence of a great tale residing within the heart and mind of another would be highly treasured. But to Atticus, this rather unique gift simply stood in the way of his future. Since the day he witnessed his father’s unholy arrest, picking up his father’s clerical mantle was the only thing he dreamed of.

But Atticus would eventually remember what his parents had taught him when they were living.  He had heard stories from them—tales of the Legendarium. He had heard of the ancient fabulators—those who had given their lives to gathering, chronicling, and securing these special stories. Now, this was his calling. And like the fabulators before him, his life would be that of a story-finder.

Of course, the tales of the Legendarium are in no way his stories, and yet in some way they are his stories to tell. They are the accounts of the fantastic, the unexplained, and the curiously delightful. They are the tales of the vitae essentia (essence of life)—the stories of an amazingly wonderful Magic.

Some call them myths; others call them fantasies or fairy tales. But to those who can see the Magic behind them, they are nothing less than a source of faith, hope and love.

As it was, Atticus never intended on becoming a writer; however, he eventually would come to realize that Magic’s stories were meant to be shared. As such, he now spends most of his time putting pen to paper to prepare the tales he’s collected for publishing.



When not writing, Atticus enjoys reading a good book, studying something from his vast map collection, or playing one of his many unique instruments such as the fluba, the trongos, or the clackamore.

Today, Atticus resides in the Midwest with Albi the ferret. He is visited occasionally by his good friend Fr. Tuck (not the one of Knottingham lore, of course) and travels only when absolutely necessary.

Atticus does not care to be photographed and almost never smiles. What’s more, he dresses almost exclusively in black.  Of course, he says that the latter is for simplicity sake, but those who know him are certain that he is color blind.



Atticus’ first book, The Taming,  is the initial publication of Huntly House and is available for purchase here


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