Rudyard Kipling

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It was on this day in 1907 that Rudyard Kipling received the Nobel Prize for Literature. He was the first English-language writer to do so....

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Fairy Tales, Grownups, and An Overdue Confession

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Maybe it’s just the season — it being Easter and all — but I have something I need to get off my chest…you know, a...

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One Month From Today

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4.1.14   Exactly one month from day, The Taming will be available on and elsewhere. Pre-ordering will begin...

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Joyeux Anniversaire, Victor Hugo!

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Born February 26th, 1802 Victor Hugo became arguably the most influential French poet and novelist of the Romantic era. Most famous for his...

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The Public Library: As Popular as Ever

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  Visiting the public library was a regular event throughout my childhood. In fact, for more than a few years, it seemed that hardly...

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G K Chesterton

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  Happy birthday, G.K. Chesterton! Born May 29, 1874, Chesterton was known mostly for his apologetics of the Christian faith. In...

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